The card still packs an arsenal of 5120 stream processors

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December 4, 2017
That’s just at the high end, too
December 4, 2017

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replica handbags store The PCIe Tesla V100 is just a bit tamer than its brethren, a byproduct of a TDP cut to 250 W from the 300 W figure of the other V100 products. The specifications are about 6.5% lower across the board, suggesting that only the clock rates changed. The card still packs an arsenal of 5120 stream processors capable of delivering a peak of 7 TFLOPS of double precision floating point arithmetic, up to 14 TFLOPS of single precision FP, and as much as 112 TFLOPS when doing deep learning work on 640 tensor cores. For reference, the full fat NVLink Tesla V100 can deliver up to 7 TFLOPS of double precision FP, 15 TFLOPS of single precision FP, and 120 TFLOPS from its tensor cores. replica handbags store

high quality replica handbags So, for example, if a video of a man walking against a stationary background is to be compressed, the first frame of the original video will be converted to an I frame, whereas subsequent frames will be converted to P frames carrying only the change from the previous frame (in this case, the movement of the man across the screen). high quality replica handbags

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